Apartment houses Rogla - 2017/2018

APARTMENT HOUSE ROGLA ON JURGOVO *** (1080 m ) - 11 apartments and rooms
Situated at an altitude of 1050 meters and the foot of the longest slope of the Rogla ski resort, just meters away from the ski lift, in the heart of a forest and far from the city noise, the Rogla on Jurgovo house is designed for those who want to spend their holidays in an active way but at the same time experience true peace and let Mother Nature recharge their batteries. House is located near waterfall Svitan where people lived for centuries, and because of special energy it is real “sleeping therapy” even for those that have problems to fell asleep.
The Rogla on Jurgovo house offers 11 comfortable apartments. The smallest room can accommodate three to four persons ( in case of family with 2 kids) , and the biggest one eight people. Guests can access the sauna and club room which area located on the ground floor. It is possible to rent sleds, ski equipment in winter and mountain bikes in the summer. In the garden there is a fireplace area – a perfect idea for a relaxing evening with family and friends.

7 days Active package and season prices - Minimum stay - 3 days
1/2 studio

Room is suitable for couples or individuals

Season A = 440 Eur

Season B = 340 Eur                         

Rent a day -  70 Eur/  (MINIMUM STAY 3 DAYS)

1 / 2+1 studio
Apartment 1/4
Apartment 1/6
Apartment 1/6 +1
Apartment 1/6 + 2
Additional obligatory payments:
Additional payments for services if used:
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